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Where do elevator mechanics come from? The big-box companies would like you to believe they have all the greatest resources at their disposal. If this is true, why can’t they send a qualified person to fix your elevator? Well, the truth is that these companies don’t have any mechanics. They contract mechanics from the local union

So where does Hoist Elevator Company get its technicians? We build them ourselves. We employ a nationally accredited Certified Elevator Training program, the CET, to ensure you get real elevator technicians.

Our team provides safe, reliable and knowledgeable results for you. By training our technicians right here in Los Angeles with the CET program, we fuse our passion for elevators with customer service and expert knowledge to provide you with something special

It’s never been easier to get great elevator service.

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There is nothing more embarrassing than having your elevator out of service when you need it most. Elevator maintenance is more than a quarterly visit to your property. Preventative  maintenance means keeping your elevator running by identifying potential issues before they impact your building. We are available 24/7 to ensure the safety and reliability of your elevator equipment


There is never a convenient time for your elevator to go out of service. It’s nice knowing that your elevator company will respond within hours, not days. Our team is always ready to respond to your needs and get your elevator back up and running.

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If you want to improve the reliability, safety or style and efficiency of your elevator, Hoist can handle every aspect of your upgrade. Extend life and add value. The latest technology is useless unless you take control and choose the right company.


We provide expert elevator advice so you can make informed decisions. There is no need to hire a costly elevator consulting firm. We are QEI Certified. This means we have a certified elevator inspector on staff to help you answer all your elevator questions.

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It’s a tough world out there. The safety and security of your tenants is a serious business. HEC offers a wide range of ways to protect your property. Security features integrated into your elevator system are an effective way of limiting access to your building. Let’s talk about what’s important to you. Let’s talk security.


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