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The Company

The Commmunity

About Hoist Elevator Company

The vision for HEC began with the idea of a neighborhood elevator company. It’s a simple formula for providing our community with personalized service. Our team is dedicated to the City of Los Angeles —that’s it. We believe being connected to our community is the best way to service its elevator needs.

You won’t find us driving all over Southern Ca. We don’t believe an extended reach equals beneficial returns for our customers. Less mileage equals more time addressing your needs. That’s pretty simple.

Why Choose Us

Hoist Elevator is the ONLY non-union elevator service provider in Los Angeles with a professional, nationally accredited elevator training program for its technicians.

We provide the best quality service for our customers. Our focus is on safety, reliability and communication. Our dedication to these core principles drives us to create the results you deserve in elevator service. We are focused on earning the trust of owners and managers throughout the Los Angeles area.

Choose the right people to work with; get the returns you deserve.

Big companies have become incredibly disconnected from their clients. It seems like you cannot get assistance unless there is a transaction to be made.

Do you prefer impersonal and inconsistent? Or would you rather know who is coming in and out of your property? Do you like feedback and clear explanations or dodgy responses and vague answers?

Elevators can be frustrating at times. Our team understands you need help when your elevator isn’t working right.

Do you like dodgy response and vague answers or would feedback and clear explanations be better?

Who We Serve

Your neighbors, tenants and guests. Your patients, partners and friends.

We serve the great City of Los Angeles.

Property Managers across Los Angeles know the value of having the right team in place to service their elevators.

Building Owners can appreciate having the support of a qualified company while still maintaining a connection to the people who are working on their property.

Home Owners Associations can cast their vote with confidence when it comes to working with us. We know deciding on your elevator service company is a big deal.

Developers understand how valuable it is to have a team on board with the knowledge and experience to help them see their project from beginning to end.

Hotels and Retail Businesses who must have reliable elevators know that good communication makes all the difference.

Hospitals and Medical Facilites cant wait for service. These facilities need answers and solutions right away.

All of these sectors are important to our company. We understand that your elevator is the life blood of your operation.

We are in your area

Our team provides the best service in and around the Los Angeles metropolitan area:


Discover unmatched client service with Hoist Elevator.